hey, i'm an idiot on the internet. (or a "content creator" if you wanna be generous)

you most likely know me from one of my projects below, take a look if you want.

thank you for being here :)

Personal YouTube channel (jackuw)

Stupid gaming videos and montages with over 1,800+ subscribers

Group YouTube channel (Genuine)

Heavily edited clip compilations with my group of friends

Hypixel Housing projects

Game designer and developer, 560,000+ likes, #10 in the world

Hypixel Housing wiki

Full wiki teaching the basics of creating games on Hypixel

Community Discord server

Owned and moderated for over 4 years, 3,200+ members

Watch this space

This project will be arriving soon

some songs i really like:

you can find my spotify here. it makes me really happy if you save my playlists.

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